Added value through independent advice with a full range of services

Thanks to the right size, we can offer you the entire range of products and services while remaining independent. We offer you long-term, objective and independent advice – we have no financial or organisational links with product providers. We are not restricted by customer segmentation or the pushing of certain products.

Reuss Private AG is an independent wealth management company founded in 2000. It was set up in order to adopt a market position in between the large institutes and the field of small wealth management companies. Thanks to the right sizecombined with the separate multi-bank platforms, Reuss can offer the best of both worlds: Independent, personalised advice with the full range of services.

Through an efficient organisational structure and Reuss Private's wide network we are able to act flexibly, quickly and efficiently and also develop unconventional solutions for complex tasks in both the private and corporate sector.

Expect a lot – receive more: Wealth Management for a new era

We have experts with decades of experience from the most renowned Swiss finance companies. Whether capital procurement, private placements, club deals or fixed income-services, we work together with your personal parter at Reuss Private in inter-disciplinary teams that recruit experts from within and outside of the company. Furthermore, our customers benefit from our own multi-bank platform for fully consolidated reporting on all the asset classes as well as access to a complete range of products.

Our holistic advisory approach begins with a detailed analysis and inventory of the individual customer profile as well as the objectives and perspectives with regard to the private and corporate situation. The fundamental principles of our actions include using all the available expertise from within our internal and external network, continually optimising solutions to the benefit of our customers and proactively intervening where there are changed framework conditions. With extended services such as wealth planning, business consultancy and family office services we can offer a complete package for all wealth management disciplines.

Our trump card is independence at all levels: we have no financial or organisational links with product providers. Cost structures are transparent and can be viewed by the customer at all times. Retrocessions are not accepted,  we pass on the full cost benefits which come with the purchase of collectively used services such as securities management.

Your added value

  • Investment consultancy
    • Behavioural finance
    • Portfolio analyses and investment proposals
    • Risk monitoring 
  • Wealth management
    • Sample portfolios
    • Monthly market outlook 
  • Investment planning
    • Pension and retirement planning
    • Cooperation with external specialists for legal aspects, taxation and corporate finance 
  • Family office services
  • Studie zu den Regulierungsfolgen für Vermögensverwalter
    Felix Brem,

    Die zunehmende Regulierungsdichte wird die Vermögensverwalter vor grosse Herausforderungen stellen. Noch herrscht grosse Unsicherheit, wie sich die Branche aufgrund von FIDLEG und FINIG entwickeln wird. Um ein wenig Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen, führt das Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen Zug (IFZ) mit Unterstützung von UBS, BDO, REUSS PRIVATE sowie dem VQF eine Umfrage unter den direkt betroffenen Vermögensverwaltern durch.