Tan Xing


Tan has 15 years of experience in Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Private Equities. Started his career on the trading floor in London, he soon became one of the early members of the Asia Pacific Wealth Management team at Barclays Bank PLC. As the youngest ever banker in the team, Tan has been providing comprehensive cross-border wealth management solutions to clients between Asia, UK and Switzerland ever since. Being multi-lingual and multi-cultural, many clients and their families rely on him to be their bridge between Europe and Asia. 

Prior to joining Reuss, Tan worked as a client advisor as part of the APAC ultra-high net worth team at UBS Zurich from 2016. Over this time of being based in Switzerland, Tan has built an extensive network of cutting-edge Swiss Pharmaceutical and Med-tech firms, and he has led rounds of successful fund raising for these companies. 

Tan holds a degree in Mathematics and Management from Imperial College London. In his spare time, Tan enjoys skiing and playing tennis.