Reuss Private Access offers services for asset managers with international ambitions

Reuss Private Group is expanding its offerings in the domain of cross-border services and regulation. The range of international services is to be placed under the umbrella of the new subsidiary Reuss Private Access. The company is led by the two financial experts Viktor Fischer and Pino Becker, who joined the Group at the start of this year.

With immediate effect Reuss Private Access AG is able to offer additional services for fund providers and asset managers who are looking for greater international spread and who wish to grow the business across borders. The range covers the provision of systems and the required regulatory resources for efficient market entry and successful cross-border fund marketing, as well as for obtaining the necessary licences and registrations. Through this offering, the company aims to forge long-term, strategic partnerships with customers for regulated marketing services in Europe and Switzerland. Its holistic approach to both consultancy and delivering these services is based on its combination of local market knowledge and regulatory expertise.

Reuss Private Access AG offering cross-border services

The new range of services has been placed under the umbrella of Reuss Private Access AG. The managing directors of this newly established subsidiary of Reuss Private Group AG are Viktor Fischer and Pino Becker, who joined Reuss Private Group at the start of this year (see press release dated 20 January 2022). Both men are experienced experts in the field of regulatory cross-border financial services. “We want to free up resources at our customers to enable them to concentrate on developing their sales network and therefore on implementing their growth strategy,” declared Viktor Fischer. Pino Becker added: “Based on the growing regulatory requirements for cross-border services, we have identified a great need for expert support. We aim to establish a reputation as a partner to asset managers who find ongoing market consolidation is making it increasingly difficult for them to access suitable investors in highly regulated markets.”

Logical addition to range of services

Roman Neff, member of the Board of Directors of Reuss Private Group AG and Country Manager for Switzerland, sees the expansion of cross-border financial services as a logical addition to the existing portfolio of services: “Reuss Private has already established itself as a long-term partner to our customers, who appreciate the tailored support we provide to help them realise their sales and growth strategies. In expanding cross-border services we can further deliver on our commitment to the highest possible standard of services, including for customers with international ambitions.”

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