Portfolio Management

Sustainable asset growth

We provide you with tailor-made investment solutions based on your personal and financial goals and in line with your risk profile. Our asset allocation and investment decisions are based on fundamental analyses and are made with reference to over a dozen leading research providers.

> Asset management mandates

Our asset management mandates reflect the diverse requirements and living circumstances of our clients. That way they can enjoy life without worrying about their financial decisions. We classify four types of mandates according to the risk categories Income, Balanced and Growth:

Active mandates

This includes individual securities as well as special sector funds (value-based investment style).

Best-in-class mandates

A selection of institutional funds from a range of over 300 leading fund companies.

Passive mandates

Mandates utilising ETFs (exchange traded funds).

Individual mandates

Depending on the client profile, alternative investments are added, such as hedge funds for volatility optimisation, private equity of long-term oriented investors and other non-market correlated investments. Sustainability criteria can also be incorporated into the portfolio or adapted to individual client needs.

Good portfolio management is also a matter of trust.

Frank Hansen, CIO Portfolio Management

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