Investment Office

Tailor-made investment solutions

Investing is something very personal and individual. No two investment needs are the same, because every investor is in a different life situation and has unique needs and goals. Reuss Private AG offers tailor-made investment solutions with this in mind and in accordance with the respective risk profile.

> Detailed analysis

Our core competence centre is our investment office. It is here that our market experts analyse the macro- and microeconomic environment as well as various fiscal policy decisions. They not only focus on already established markets, but also seek out new investment trends and explore the question of how investors can profit from them.

> Well-developed strategies

Based on these analyses, our financial experts in the investment office develop strategies on how our clients can best allocate their investments to the various asset classes. We provide positioning recommendations and develop product and investment concepts across various themes, sectors and industries. We also include sustainability criteria if requested.

To this end, Reuss Private AG covers all services and develops and implements investment strategies as well as products specifically designed for this purpose. Furthermore, they are continuously monitored to determine whether changes are necessary due to the current market situation. Of course, we also hedge positions in the portfolios where appropriate.

> Short response times

Our experts in the investment office work closely with their colleagues in asset and portfolio management. This means that our decision-making processes are extremely efficient. Combined with our proximity to the market and our regular meetings, we can therefore react quickly and individually to special market situations. Our teams meet partly on a weekly basis and partly on a monthly basis. Ultimately, the overarching investment committee determines the course to be taken. Typically, they meet once a month, but in special situations they may meet on an ad hoc basis.

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